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Creating a spark gap using assorted ceramic capacitors Answered

I have a load of assorted ceramic capacitors. Can I create a capacitor bank to power a spark gap, and if so, how?
Since it is voltage that matters for spark gaps, most of these capacitors have obscure codes on them, which I cannot find any information about on the internet, but some have voltages marked on then. I have 4 blue 2kV capacitors, 9 brown 1kV capacitors and 2 large, flat 1000V capacitors.

Thanks in advance for any help!



Best Answer 7 years ago

Use the brown caps for C3 to C9... A


You need about 10K volts to jump an inch. It's far easier, and safer to create BIG sparks with a Whimshurst machine or a Van de Graff generator. Neither is hard to make.

To be more exact, It's 1,000 Volts per cm. Which is 2,540 volts per Inch.