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Creating my own Christmas Tree Answered

I am a university student in a foreign country and I live in a VERY small room...however, sentiment has kicked in, and I want my own christmas tree!! However, I do not want to spend money, I am already on a tight budget, but I also want to craft it myself!

I did find an instructable on making a christmas tree out of real tree clippings, but I do not think you can find any real evergreens in Cyprus at least near my place.

I also found another tutorial on making the tree out of 300 mountain dew cans, but hello, I do not drink THAT much of beverages :P

Do you have any ideas on how to make my own christmas tree cheap and creatively?


Collect festive images - cards people send you, bits cut from magazines, or printed off from the internet.

Cut them out.

Stick them to the wall in a Christmas tree shape.  Instead of strings of tinsel, use images of necklaces stuck side-by-side.

At the top of your tree, put a picture of your favourite celebrity (the star!).

Take a photo of the finished item, use it to print your own cards next year.

Maybe some kind of origami tree with green paper?

A green twisty tie perhaps?

Just find a branch and decorate that. Real tree is important, otherwise go ahead and make a tree-shaped-thing (cardboard is easy)