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Creating pulse effect for LED car ground kit Answered

I'm working on adding some visuals to my car, among them a LED ground effects kit. It uses 12v LED strings from BestHongKong.com powered by the car's aux power. I want to get it to pulse, fading in and out about once a second. I tried a 555 timer and a capacitor bank in parallel with the light array, but it doesn't show any difference (I'm guessing RC is too small to be even noticeable, so I might just need a larger bank). Anyone else have experience with this?



11 years ago

. A 555 circuit will turn the LEDs on/off (or drive a switch that will actually handle the current). Check your design/work. . To get the fade-in/out, you will need a ramp circuit to slowly raise/lower the voltage when the 555 says on/off.