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Creative uses for a ton of pumpkin? Answered

We bought a gigantic pumpkin and we've been working our way through it bit by bit. Does anyone know any recipes that will use up a lot of pumpkin? I know about the usual cake, bread, cookies, and such. And trust me I've had my share of pumpkin pie.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Don't forget that pumpkin is just basically a variety of squash. You can substitute it for most squash recipes in savory dishes. I've had pumpkin chili, Roasted pumpkin with herbs, soups and several other dishes.
Just do a search for savory pumpkin recipes.

Eating or display pumpkin?

The kind of pumpkin that goes into pies and assorted baked good is not the same thing as the stuff you buy for displaying on the front porch at Halloween.

If it's of the display variety, I'd say you could make quite a bit of roasted pumpkin seeds, and use the squash (it is squash after all) as feed for farm animals or as an ingredient for your compost bin. As for eating that, I've heard quite a bit over the years about it being 'unsuitable' for human consumption (aside from possible starvation that is...), and my one attempt was pretty untasty, so I'd have to agree. Your mileage may vary.

Hot spicy pumpkin soup something like THIS is excellent in the cold weather, especially if you take a flaskfull on a walk.  Very warming.


(Though personally, instead of the curry powder, I'd just add cumin.)