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Creatively using this space Answered

Any ideas on how to use the space creatively. The open space is between the drawing room and the living room.

In the pictures below I have captured this space from different angles just to give you some perspective. At this point I don't have the actual dimension of the space but can provide if required.


Jessy's suggestion of a book shelf is an idea; and you could make it open ended from both rooms; maybe including a wide enough place for the bindings of books only to be shown in the room you are in.
Crude Example.bmp
Wide bookshelves were my first thought as well...

And allowance could be made - by staggering and spacing shelves - to easily accommodate an aquarium, a couple of plants, and/or sculptures/nic-nac's, on the lower shelves..

Oh this space is wonderful!  I like the openness and natural light!  Like some of the others I would add a fish tank, water fountain along with   live plants.

I think that would be a great idea, but with a window seat in between two water features.


8 years ago

Hang a huge stained glass work in the space.

I think shelves would look great there. Especially ones of different heights and lengths. Oddly tiered, if you will. :P

What about a waterfall?  You can buy them for several hundred dollars, but I think you could DIY for much less.  A sheet of 1/2" plexi would give a laminar flow surface. Use drip lines at the top, with some 45-degree aluminum sheets to direct and smooth the flow onto both surfaces of the plexi, all hidden behind a valance.
At the bottom, a reasonably high-power pump in a trough.  If the plexi is sumberged below water level in the trought, the flow down shouldn't splash.

That's exactly what I though of after "fish tank", thanks for saving me the effort of saying the same.


You see those shiny floor as I had spent good amount of time mopping them!

 I have included floor plan of the house.  This should give you some idea of the layout and the furniture that I am planning to have.

Thanks for your suggestions. Below are my comments -

·         Having a sheet of glass is a nice idea but it is quite common here.  So, I am looking for something different. Also, having the write-on-wipe-off thing might not fit here as there would be furniture in the drawing room and the living room, which would be a sort of hurdle for the people trying to get closer to it. Similar is the case with the drawers

·         If I were to put a flat screen TV then it would apprear to be quite small when compared to the space available unless a put a put a mega screen TV [but am afraid this would be too expensive]

You either want the connectivity (open to light), or you want it filled-in. A beaded-type curtain is one idea, fully bricking & plastering (to remove it completely) is another. But I like a book-case / shelving, as I see it. Then again, I like a fish-tank more, but that's a lot of expense & hassle.


Nice house, shiny-floor. What rooms and functions do you have already? I guess you haven't decided what to use that space for, but you do have plans for the rest?


  • Fit a single sheet of the transparent material of your choice (acetate, plexiglass, real glass) and keep a supply of write-on-wipe-off markers on both sides of the sheet.  Allow family and visitors to doodle on the sheet as the whim takes them.
  • Fill the whole space with small wooden drawers that slide right through, and have a handle on each end so that they can be opened from either side of the space.
  • Suspend a wooden frame in the centre of the space with steel cables anchored firmly at the corners.  Put a flat-screen TV in the frame, facing the living room, and cover the back of the frame with a piece of art.