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Do you have any idea how to upgrade from the things that we already owned.

It is not from waste product. I would like to try to upgrade the things.

For example, I have an umbrella, then I want to add a small fan into that umbrella, so whenever the user use that umbrella at blazing-outdoor, he/she can fell the cold. 

But, I do not  want to take part in programming and complex mechanical part. I really want to try something simple more example and it is better if can help other's.

Thanks !


What are you asking about? If you have a problem, the thought of design is to go through it step by step and break it down into smaller problems, fixes, or improvements. You want your umbrella to have a fan or generate a breeze. Does cutting a hole in the umbrella work? Now you have to keep rain out by adding another piece as a vent cover. You have a small fan. Can you rig it up to be battery powered so it can be portable. How do you attach it to the venthole? Duct tape, glue, do you have to make a special mouting bracket? Hmm, portholes are nice, how about adding a clear window to look out of the umbrella? What if I want lights to light it up when it gets dark and to make it more visible in the rain. And so on and so on...

I need to upgrade something, but i it is hard to me to think of. I found this website so useful to start my assignment and this would be my first DIY.

The example of umbrella comes from my lecturer. But I cant figured out how to close the umbrella when the portable fan is added. I try to figured out, to attached the portable fan using glue gun, but that portable fan is quite bigger of its size.

Wow it seems nice, about light's umbrella. But I need a coding for something to light up the led and more costly. I hope there have a simple code for me to start of my basic coding.

It's sound like I cant upgrade the umbrella. Do you have any idea besides umbrella ?

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it does not bother you, do not waste time and money attempting to "upgrade." There is no point!

See, that's what distinguishes the true makers and fools from people that give up at the first sign of failure. One approach to your fan problem is maybe mount the fan at the apex or tip and cut holes at the top or mount it further down the handle where the umbrella can close, put it on a stick to fold away when the umbrella closes, etc. You can just get a LED that blinks by itself when connected to a battery. Use the parts from a flickering LED votive candle if you are not ready to jump into microcontrollers and circuits.

But as a design challenge, there are ways of improving an umbrella for better ergonomics, like hands free shoulder/backpack strap mounting, make it more wind resistant to gusts that flip the umbrella inside out - add pass through vents or scoops. Change the umbrella design so it has pinwheels or windchimes on it for musical or optical effect.

And that, my friend is thinking outside of the box...