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Cricket Cage Setup Answered

Hello, i have a creative project that i need some advice on. The idea is based off the old chinese cricket cages.

From purely the electronics design perspective i would like the following features.
1. A very small solar panel (think the garden light instructables projects)
2. Rechargeable battery pack (size dependent on power needs)
3. A speaker capable of reproducing the sound of a cricket. No volume control needed, just a realistic replication
4. Something to play the sound (this is where i am lost)
5. A single green led bulb
6. a light sensor that would flip the system to on when it is dark. (I would like it to be able to operate light and sound for maybe 3 hours on a full charge)

The hope is that all of this could be fit into a 8"x3"x7" space, with the solar panel mounted externally. The installation i can handle, but some of the electronics are beyond my skill level. The best i have managed is the moon jars made from a mason jar and a garden light. This project is basically like that, only with sounds, and placed in a custom enclosure.  

I suspect that sound is much harder than solar LED lights, and that is what i would most like some input on. If i can get the things made i will gladly share any info, though im not sure i have the skills and equipment to actually write a instructable. 


Thanks for the response!

I looked at the kits, and they are a pretty elegant solution. What i would prefer to do is loop a real cricket song. The kits are awesome, but i dont think they will provide the realism i want. I have no idea if you can find some device that will store and play back an audio file while still being compact and cheap. I imagine an ipod nano would do what i want, but who wants to put something that expensive in a piece of art - and it would probably suck too much power.

They also sell those "sound recorder" chip kits or you can take a look at all the "easy button" mods. The sound quality might be good enough so you are triggering it multiple times to play. Only complexity is to add that randomness when it goes off.