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Crossbow of craft sticks Answered

As in my previous forum topic, I like to build things. things that destroy other things. I've moved on from paper and am trying to build a crossbow made out of popsicle sticks. If you have any Ideas, Please send them to me, or post up a comment.


glue the popsicle sticks in a T shape, add a rubber band to the top, put a popsicle behind the rubberband, and pull it back, and let go. you can glue feathers to the popcicle stick so it goes straight.


10 years ago

there are multiple instructables on how to do this

Yea but I want YOUR ideas

personally, i don't like the popsicle ones. i built one that is far sturdier and larger. it also is pretty scary looking

I built a small one that is about 6 inches long. it has enough room to store 5 bullets, which can reaload. the only problem is that they keep getting jammed