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Crotch Knife Answered

I had the greatest idea, ever.... A pair of pants that protrudes a knife out of your crotch every time you do a pelvic thrust..... Not sure why, though. I really want to make one, but I don't know how I would go about doing so. Any help/advice, fellow Instructable'ers?


I already had this idea for a comic last year. Ill scan it.

I think someone has watched


too many times..... *FrEaKsHoW*

That's the first thing I thought of. One of my favorite movies, but that scene gets to me every time!

Yes, t'was rather messed up... Well you know what they say about great minds... eh.. LoL ;) Nice pic..:)

I don't remember that scene. I need to watch it sometime when its not 4 in the morning...

You wouldn't have missed it, probably just forgotten. Perhaps thats not such a bad thing. I think if I watched that movie for the first time again, I'd skip that scene... Movie is already screwed up enough as it is. That scene was just plan wrong... I think it might have scarred me for life.... LoL

Maybe I fell asleep during that scene... Because I really do not remember it... I'm going to have to buy the movie.

Lol, PM me what 'tis about?

Ok I do pelvic thrusts wayyy too much for that to be safe or practical, they're the cornerstone of my day, no time is bad for a good thrust joke or just a thrust to get conversation going, I imagine thrust-stabbery would lessen the coversation quality immensly so... However the trick to it would be to figure out where two distances on your body change enough to pull a string or something and pop the knife out... Honestly it would be pretty hard... (sorry can't help myself here) but you make it swing up and down easily enough... or side to side... and if you're goo in circles... ok im done... nearly...

i think something more like a pea shooter would be more practical than a knife, if you plan on putting it down there... at the end of your pea shooter, put a plastic tube, with a squishy thing on the other end, so that you can give it a quick squeeze and force your ammo out of the pea shooter. just a thought. :D

id be a little bit worried about putting a knife "down there" LMAO

I agree, I mean, storage alone, before "pulling it out" could be a very eunuch experiance LOL

"storage alone" You crack me up... Did you pick up some new material lately? You have seriously made me LoL at least 7 times tonight.... I mean generally I find you rather humourous (your jokes not you in general... just to clarify that one... ;) ) But of late you have been posting some particualrly nice plays on words / whitty comments etc... That was great... my sides hurt now "storage alone" .... te he he... thanks, you make me smile... :)

well I thought the use of eunuch in the place of unique as a pun might be missed generally though.

Yep. Definitely missed that the first time reading it. I just read it as "unique." Though I have to say that it works very well there.

I am glad to bring a little mirth into the lives of others (it is when I do so while being serious that I don't particularly like ;-) Fortunately that does not happen often :-)

I've got a belt buck that slides out to be a knife....


10 years ago

Unzip your pants.

I was going to say, this whole thing seems like some form of uber-symbolism...

By the way: I'm considering insulting you, Juklop, by making some joke about how it won't work, but i'm going to refrain from that, its rad nauseam

Nope. "rad nauseam", a term coined by someone, where there's too many joke possibilities.

ok heres something you might like. Medieval Archers carried a wooden handled dagger which had two spheres as the guard. It was called a "Bollock Knife". It was believed to be used to groin stab any fallen knight. Over here Bollocks are what we call your ...well...Cohones! Maybe you are a throw back lol. Schwinnnng!

Most men carried the same knife...it and the two side knives were the 'leatherman' of the time.

I don't like the idea of having a knife anywhere close to my crotch, but then again that's just me.


10 years ago


*cough* necrophiliacsadist *cough*
Oh my did you hear something?

It's like the gun in the breasts, male version.