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CrowCam - Video camera taped to a crow Answered

I was reading an article on attaching cameras to wildlife (Clipped to a Shark's Fin, Collared to a Bear or Attached to a Crow's Tail, Wildlife Cameras Come of Age in BioPhotonics) that mentioned cameras light enough to adhere to birds, specifically crows.

Check out this video of a crow flying, foraging, and using tools all from a tailfeather-perspective:
(Let me know if you find an embedded version)

The work was done by a group at the University of Oxford and published in Science late last year:
Video Cameras on Wild Birds

There's also a nice NPR piece on the subject here:
Crow Cam Captures Creative Behavior in the Wild

I find crows to be one of the most interesting urban animals, and I love how this video lets me voyeuristically peer in on their antics. Which animals would you watch?


Here;s a couple of interesting ones: Dog: a day's routine around town. They do some pretty interesting stuff Dolphin: It would look so cool when they jump!! uh.....maybe a monkey of sorts? One that jumps a lot. I forgot the name.....they have long tails

... Which animals would you watch? ...


I read somewhere that when a crow sees a brown paper lunch bag next to a McDonnalds bag, it will always go for the McDonnalds bag.

I heard something similar to that. Can't really remember but it was something surprising....


10 years ago

I want a skunk-cam, mainly to watch all the other critters run for cover when the skunk waddles by!

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