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Crystal installation - does it matter? Answered

I'm having some problems with a tranmiter i made. It hasnt been working as the sound is odd. i noticed when u touch the crystal the sound changes. so, Does it matter which way a crystal goes in? is there any + - sides?


1) crystal dont have polarity 2) crystals dont float, so the crystal should be fine 3) i think you have some harmonics issues in the circuit. maybe left out the filter bypass caps? or maybe you should add an rf box, with output caps. anywho, the change is caused by your body. you can improve signal reception with an fet front stage on the receiver if thats the problem.

I think it might be adding your body to your circuit EX. If you touch one of the probes of an oscilloscope you make a wave form, it looks kinda cool...

. It's been a looooooong time (at least 30 years) since I worked with xtals, but I don't remember them having polarity. I'm guessing the change is due to adding your body to the circuit or you have a poor connection at the xtal.