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Cthulhu Ski Mask Answered

Yowza, this custom Cthulhu ski mask is all sorts of awesome. You get to look all evil and still be able to drink. For now it's a one-off, but with some demand it might pop up on Etsy.

Cthulhu Ski Mask via BoingBoing


I like tentacle-faced things! L

Hmmmm....Miskatonic alum, eh? I hear the reunions are just crazy!

No not really, I just like tentacles.

(is there nothing that can't be made into a "motivational poster"?)


tentacle fetish, eh? i was like that, but then i switched to loli.

I'm a kiddie, yet I know of his nightmarish stories.

GAHURP! *Dies of awesomeness overload*

Want. The color is amazing.

ZOMG that is so ace !!! looks like a green zoidberg from futurama !