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Cupcake Cannon Answered

This video from Johnny Cupcakes features a steampunked pneumatic cannon firing cupcakes and test subjects in lab coats. The cannon looks awesome and the footage is shot at 700 frames a second for some nice slo-mo.

It just goes to show that slo-mo explosions of pretty much anything are always fun. But if you do make such a video, please include more slo-mo explosions than people cowering in fear from cupcakes. Explosion at :57 is pretty solid, but the rest is mostly a tease.

via gizmodo


 You made this video? Excellent job!
Kinda techno.

No, Ed did not make this video.  Clearly, you didn't actually read any of what he wrote, starting with "This video from Johnny Cupcakes" and ending with "via gizmodo". 

If you had read even those two little bits, you would have figured out that (a) Johnny Cupcakes made the video, and (b) Ed learned about it by reading Gizmodo.  Isn't reading a wonderful way to learn things?

I considered it. :)

If someone could lend me a high-speed camera I could make a much better video than this.

must be payback for having a laser cutter....hmmm, high speed camera or laser cutter - tough choice.


8 years ago

Interesting, and fun to watch!