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Current Artwork Answered

I am doing this for a friend's wedding. The medium is acrylic paints. The photo is fuzzy and doesn't do it justice. You can't see the skin tone changes and highlights, :( This is my first time painting something like this, it's all mainly guess work (The hair, the skin, etc.) Work in progress. What are you working on?



Hello. I'm new here! I love art and anyone who likes kinetic art should learn about these things called "rolling ball sculptures"! They're awesome! Check out this website: eddiesmind.com (these are no ordinary sculptures)

this is what i'm workin on, nice paintings, wishi had those skills

Skull I'm working on:

Well, my wife just sold this on Ebay, so I guess I have to get back to working on other pyrographs soon:


I still have my ship at home though :-)


By pyrograph do you mean wood burning? Or is it something completely different?

Yes, the pictures are burnt into the wood, as seen most clearly in the Ship, and only sometimes are colored oil pencils used to highlight things a little (as in the Santa one).

It might just be me, but whenever I've heard people talking about pictures+fire=burned image people I know tend to call it "wood burning" just as people call painting with water "water colors/coloring"

pyro = fire; while -ography refers to graphs or pictures therefor pyrography (link) is the art of burning pictures into wood. It is quite an old art too, really. They used irons heated in the fire before we had electricity.

I wasn't trying to prove you wrong I'm just telling you I've never heard it called that before, thanks for increasing my vocabulary. By the way, I like your ship.

Oh I know, and sorry if I came across arrogant in any way. I didn't mean to. On the ship; thanks, that took me over a week to complete. The details of the sails and such are lost in the picture *sigh*. It was one of the most difficult ones I have ever done (and I have never been able to achieve the kind of detail shown in the link I gave in the last post; hers are fabulous). *sigh*

Did you do the pyrography/wood burning while you were working just like when you post on instructables? : )

No, I did that at home, as I had time. The detail was tedious at times. That was back a few years ago. My eyesight has grown a little dimmer since then. *sigh* If I created smoke here in the computer room, the Halon system would go off and I would be in deep doo-doo :-)

Mutters darkly, jealous of the skill

Anyone can be an artist, but as with anything else, if one wants to be "really" good it something, they need to have a passion for it. Just teaching someone "how to see" (because we don't always really see things properly) is enough to get good sketches from someone.

Does a duct tape messenger bag count as art??

So two people in WA have made duct tape back packs. I am not alone!!! BTW, I just found that another website featured my duct tape wallet, I just about cried. (I had to tell someone).

Yeah, we're just that awesome :D Is it good that another website featured your duct tape wallet?

Anything is art if you want it to be.

hmm, it almost looks like watercolors in that picture. but great job! did you paint that from a picture of them in that pose? if not then that is freaking amazing.

Sorry it took a month, your comment kinda got lost in a flood of e-mails. I used a picture as a reference. I am not very good at just painting from my head. I have to be looking at something, or else it looks terrible.

I like the hair the most. I didn't know how I was going to make it look more realistic, so it was a whole new experience/challenge for me. It's also the first time I have painted skin tones.

I still need to do the mountains though. The wedding took place on top of a mountain and the bride was flown in by helicopter.

Nicely done. I'm sure they'll love it and probably frame it (unless you do so first) and hang it proudly in their home. Wish I had artistic abilities like this.

Good job. Looks just like a rabbit... j/k Seriously though it looks great. Do you sell pieces like these or just do it for the pleasure of being able to make them (or both :) )? Even though many people just want tech stuff now, there's still a few out there who appreciate handcrafted artwork (as Goodhart shows below). Though as many have said before and will say again... LED eyes would be neat :P

Both. I want to sell them, but then I would have to get a business and pay taxes. I will wait a couple of years before I get into that. BTW new pics.

or you could do it "under the table" thats what i do, by the way, looks great! red clay is a pain to clean up though lol

Wow, You have some pretty great skills! keep it going!