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Custom Computer Build? Answered

Hello again everone. I am building a custom acrylic computer system and I have everything up and running just fine, all but the sound system. What I did was, I found two different speaker units and removed the speakers and accessories from the cases to make the cp system have just to speaker units installed in it. Ok here I go!. I removed a speaker and two tweeters from one unit and I removed the two speakers and the power amp from the other unit. How do I connect the all three speakers to the power amp and onto the audio card connected to the motherboard on the pc. I took some pictures for you to look at and see what I am up against. Need your help. so I am thanking you in advance for information about this .


There is a similar instructable with your idea but it does not seem to have space for the speakers.

Thank you very much for replying to my post blkhawk. I looked at the acrylic page computer set- up that you said another person was building something like I am building, but it does not show me how to wire up the speakers to the built in amp. I need to know how connect the wires together and connect them to the amp and to the sound card that is installed to the motherboard. Again thanks.