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Custom Electronics Project Enclosures Answered

I need to have a custom enclosure made for my senior design project. It has to be placed on the back of a hand and thus have some curve to it to hug around the hand. Also, it can not be much bigger than about the size of a deck of cards.

Most places I've found only have rectangular enclosures. Does anybody know of a place that could fabricate the custom design I described? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


If I were making something to fit MY hand precisely, I would be an alginate moulding kit from a craft store, pose my hand in the correct position - maybe find a lump of clay to grip ? Then get an assistant to slather on an alginate mix. Let that cure, then put couple of layers of plaster bandage on for support, before removing the mould off your hand.

Now you have an accurate FEMALE mould. Take off a plaster copy of the mould and you have a working surface to make the final job off. You can make multiple copies of the alginate, if you are careful, and do them soon after the mould was made.

Make your box in clay on your plaster. Mould over with fibreglass tissue.

etc etc.

Just had another idea. Go to the craft store and pick up a block of foam. Carve it to the shape you want. Now take some 2 part epoxy resin and some fabric. Cover the shaped foam in the cloth and mix up the reason putting a nice coat over it. When the epoxy sets use acetone to dissolve the foam and you have your enclosure.

Or you can just use this method to create the bottom for a standard enclosure box.

Where do you live? Have you looked to see if there is a Hacker Space near you. A hacker Space is like a club for makers. They have all sorts of tools, supplies and a good work space for there members to create pretty much anything. Either sign up with the group or talk to some members to see if they can help you design and build your enclosure. Or find some other shop near by with a CNC router or laser cutter.


Better yet get a regular enclosure, but make sure it is taller then what you need. You can shave the sides down to fit your hand and make your own top for it that fits your hand's curve. A small piece of metal would work nice as a lid. Or you can get a piece of acrylic and use a heat gun to heat it up and shape it.

Why not just take an aluminum case and beat it over a rock? Well, you could finesse it with proper metalworking tools like a hammer, anvil, a rigid form and press, roller forming...try it yourself.