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Custom Fish tank stand Answered

I am creating a custom fish tank stand from 2x4s and sheet wood. I plan to paint it black but I ran into 2 problems when I decided I didn't want the hood that came with the tank.

1) The lighting.
    I have a pretty good history with LEDs so creating the lighting will not be too hard, only real issue I run into is sealing the lamp. I plan to use an acrylic sheet with holes drilled for the white and blue LEDs. White for day and a row of blue for moonlight on a 3 way rocker. I just dont want water to penetrate the holes from the ports for the light to damage the components.

2) The filter.
   This is where I am at a loss. I plan on making something similar to this:
But I have no idea how to an external filter rather than one of the regular table top aquarium ones that would not look very pleasing on a nice stand.

Any ideas questions comments or concerns please ask.


For sealing things I'd use silicone, they have aquarium grade stuff used for building your own tank.
As for the filter, could you just have a hose hanging from behind the top wood enclosure that goes to a pump/filter assembly, possibly with a reservoir if the filter needs that?