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Custom Ipod dock - who can manufacture for me? Answered

Hi there,

I need to get around 250 custom ipod docs manufactured

I recently saw a custom made 'Jim Beam' ipod dock with inbuilt speakers. It was basically a large version of their drink can laying on its side, with a dock for the ipod at the top and speaks at the ends.

Do you know of any company that would be able to produce something similar for me? Obviously not Jim Beam but a similar can shape and my client's branding to suit?

They would need to be shipped to Australia if manufactured elsewhere.



i can manufacture the same item for you branded differently for you
i have access to the same tooling.
Send me a message for my info

Although not very cost-effective, Shapeways does 3D printing. You could probably make a model in CAD and have them "print" it.

Odds on it was made in China, and very inexpensive. Anywhere else and it will cost a lot of money to set up and make.