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Custom Painted Nerf Guns (Looking for Offers) Answered

Hello!  I'm JonnyBGood, and I'm looking to accumulate some offers for my custom painted Nerf guns. I don't plan on going as far as commissions, I just want to see if there's any interest in my work for the right price. As of right now I'm mainly checking the market, before fully investing in making more custom Nerf guns. When making an offer, please send me it in a PM and make sure to consider that I've spent a minimal of five hours of painting. Also consider the cost of the blaster and the time required to make modifications. In my state, the minimal wage is around 8$ so I will ignore any offer that has me literally working for free. I hope that this works out and I receive a lot of reasonable offers so I can start painting, and then I will definitely get back to everyone who has sent me an offer.  Thanks for checking out my latest endeavor, and I hope my received feedback allows this to be successful!  JonnyBGood


i just stumbled upon this page. and i really like what you have done i am willing to talk at 931-408-0391. i am willing to pay $10 or more for what i see you clearly excel at. thank you.

its nice

i would buy it

i like the sniper and lmg...

but im broke :/

Yeah, I like it alot too. Its my piece de resistence right now.

It might actually help to know where you are located as postage around the world can be costly and time consuming.
You might know where you do your work but what about those interested? ;)

Very true. I do live in Indiana so nothing too foreign. I will add that fact in when I get some time.