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Custom Refrigerator Skin Answered

I wanted to figure out how to create a skin for large items such as refrigerators, washing machines,  etc.   I am having trouble conceptualizing the necessary steps to completely hide cosmetic blemishes on large machines and appliances.  Would creating a skin be a good solution?  I am guessing there is a more elegant way than simply placing a large image printout underneath glass?  Also FYI, some of the appliances are completely brand new so I would ideally want a "top layer" solution as opposed to a "painting" solution.

Nice to have features:

1.  weather proof
2.  Can be easily swapped with new design


those are good i would suggest
A-spray paint or................

@kiteman, you are right weatherproof is a USP in terms of this solution and can be tackled separately. I like the durability gained by taking the silicone route but I don't know if it will be cost effective. You are right however in the sense that I am simply looking to create a cover similar to what are on cell phones. Maybe the swapped design can be achieved by having clear casing. My initial caveman approach was to put plexiglass or something on top of a design ala framing large picture to the appliance.

So far I am still stuck with the action plan:

1. Go to hardware store and purchase plexiglass / magnets / superglue

I wish I was more creative like everyone else here -__-

Look up custom vinyl graphics for automobiles and advertising. What essentially is a giant sticker or window tint of adhesive film can be stuck on your fridge like wallpaper. It can be heat shrunk with a hair dryer or stretched to fit any contours. You may be able to get the base material and do your own artwork or have it professionally printed.

It sounds like you're thinking of the silicone skins you can get for phones and tablets.

I can see that would be a desirable feature, but I wonder why "weatherproof" would be a USP for kitchen appliances?