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Custom drums can be made for you Answered

If anybody is interested, i now have a good source of maple where i can make atabaques (and presumably congas and bongos) to your specific dimensions for quite cheap. i was just doing a writeup for a group in my area for an atabaque at 32" tall with an 11" head, 14" bulge, and 4.5" foot in half inch maple for about $200. now, other woods can be used (and the type of wood dictates if the price goes up or down). if you have an idea about the sizes you would want, just throw them my way and i can get you prices of raw materials and labor. i can also burn patterns into them if you would wish.
Happy drumming



8 years ago

I would like to purchase a large atabaque with burn patterns. I am in Seattle, Wa. Can you make one for me? I may need two. Let's talk. 253.740.0905 and my email - telestory99@yahoo.com


Reply 8 years ago

oi, Marimbondo, i would love to make some atabaques for you, im just finnishing one up tomorrow (placing the skin and such) i will be contacting you. Muito axe!