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Custom made titanium ring Answered

Hi, Im looking for advice on making a titanium ring for my girlfriend. I choose titanium because shes allergic to stainless steel. 
I was thinking of buying a small 3x3 plate or so so I have room to make a few if I screw up. depending on thickness..? Idk what thickness to choose. Then I would need to drill out the inside, and figure out how to size it to her finger by her size. 
Then I would have to just shape it somehow. sandpaper? idk. I doubt that but I dont have a lathe available..  so thats why Im here looking for advice, and then after shaping I need to use different compounds to buff and polish it right? 


What about making one from a silver coin? There are several instructables on the subject.

I dont want imprints or words left over from the coin. Thats what I looked into first.

It's quite possible to hammer/buff/polish those away. Have a look at some of MrBalleng's prohects

You have any links? I cant seem to locate them..

Here you go: