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Custom outlets? Answered

I'm planning to build a new computer desk with space inside to manage cables. I would like to include various ports on the side edges of the desk itself (power outlets, USB, hdmi, etc). What could I use to fit these outlets in place and look flush with the desk? I would like to come up with something somewhat modular, so that I can add or remove them as I upgrade my PC.



5 years ago

i would inlay a alloy plate into the desk, cut a recess with a router the depth of your plate, square the corners with a chisel, once thats done cut out the center of the recess but leave a rebate to fasten the plate to, then cut the alloy plate to several different widths and mount with exposed screws, mount your outlets in the plate and you could add remove sections to suit your needs. polish or anodize the plates for a true pro look

You can mount some regular outlet boxes positioned in the desk and use the regular cover plates that go with them to make it look nice. There are some multi-ganged boxes that you can expand to as many as you need. The cover plates fit accordingly. You just need to get the keystone jacks for your needs, ethernet, phone, hdmi, usb, regular power, etc and the corresponding covers for your configuration. They are available at most larger home centers.

The best thing that you can do is to use step drill bits to make the round holes at different sizes. For square holes you need a nibbling tool.

I'm less concerned about how to drill the holes than I am about what material to use. I'm trying to think of something I could remove or rearrange.

The closest thing to what you want is a server rack.

Server Rack in December

Well, making interlocking segmants (modular) can be done in a variety of ways, but making the portals themselves movable may be a daunting task