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Customisable Instructables on Profiles Answered

Please tell me if this is already possible but I had a search around and couldn't find any way to do this.

On my profile, I do not feel the 6 Instructables that are shown are ones that I would like to have on there. A few are my very early Instructables which were not up to the standards I have now. I think a way to choose which Instructables go on this page would be a great addition to make your profile much better for you and for everyone.

Thanks, Hiyadudez.


The six shown appear to be your most recent Featured projects - to change what's shown, you'll need to publish some more Featurable projects.

It appears to me that on everyone's 'overview' page, the 6 Instructables that are shown are the ones that are the most 'popular' (looked at, commented etc) at the time (which is why the order can change from time to time).

I prefer the idea that members could select the ones they want to show off. Right now my Christmas Bulb Ornament ible is at the top (because they've got the most recent attention) - which was fine for December, but not so much now. :-\

The member page appears to show your six most recent featured projects.

Since you have only had four projects featured, the system seems to have filled in the gaps by itself. I don't know what criteria are used for the extras.

Ah, well thankyou!

I still think it should be implemented where you get to choose which Instructables are shown though.

It is a good idea.

You could PM one of the staff and suggest it...

Yeah, it would be useful if you could just handpick the 6 instructables you want people to see first.