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Custom Golf Carts Answered

The CBS Sunday Morning show recently covered a story about awesome custom golf carts in the Villages retirement community down in Florida.  The Villages has cart-path infrastructure allowing golf cart access everywhere.  A culture of custom golf carts has since developed, with some really awesome builds. 

Can I get one with spinners?

CBS Sunday Morning Video via YouTube.

Villages Golf Cart Man, mentioned in the video, custom golf cart company.


That looks sick!!!! Drop a big block in there!!!

For show....

Time to start drag-racing on the 4th fairway.


6 years ago

I remember this show and thinking how cool it was. Now that I'm employed at a 4000 resident 55+ golf community......... it's not that cool. Not only will they run you down, you don't here them coming!

It's great how they give these to people who are no longer allowed on the road.

Certainly, in fact that is probably the most creative part of the story, now that you mention it.

I also thought it was cool to see how creativity happens at all ages.

:-) It isn't the age, it is the willingness to do something with it :-)

- Well played Goodhart, well played!

I fight with depression at times, so it is sometimes difficult to motivate myself, but when I do....the age only brings a wider variety of inspiration :-) BTW: ty

Speaking of age, I had to Google "ty".

Ah... the tide keeps coming regardless of my ability to swim.

yes I know.....just when I had gotten the hang of logic gates and decade counters, they come along with the BASIC Stamp, etc. . . .