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Customizing/personalizing plastic? Answered


I'm giving my girlfriend a GBA SP AGS-101 for her birthday for when she studies abroad so she has something to do on train rides. I'm hoping to make the gift a little more personal by customizing the housing! I'm re-shelling my SP with a new black shell.

To customize it, I want to either create the signature Twin Peaks chevron pattern on the SP, or engrave/paint this symbol on the front somehow.

Any tips on how to do this most effectively and permanently?



5 years ago

A laser etching service or Laser printer would be awesome for this....not sure about the price though, check for Maker/Hacker spaces where you live to see if you can get some time on one.
This is no longer an option, but shows some good examples of what is possible
Maybe you could make your own

I didn't understand a word of it. Good luck, whatever it is.

Since it is a plastic shell, just mask off the pattern and sand the open spots carefully with fine sandpaper. It should be like etching or sandblasting without the specialized tools and chemicals. Good luck.