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Cut Your Own Hair - For Women! Answered

I was thinking that I would cut my own hair and thought if there where any helpful people here that had and then posted it for me to enjoy...and learn from. But I only found two men who had done it, and since I don't want my hair that short I was wondering if any women out there had tried it and would like to post about it. Failing that any suggestions for how to do it...


It's not plagiarized. He quoted his source at the very top. You should read more carefully.

Speaking of reading carefully.......the name he mentioned--"Maria J."--is not the name of the author of the article. Our author's name is Elizabeth. That's why I asked if he had found the information posted elsewhere online.....perhaps under the name "Maria J."

I guess he got the name wrong. But he never claimed the work was his own, so it wasn't plagarising - this is a case of a private individual misatributing a quote to a friend, at the very worst.

So I attributed it to the REAL plagiarizer LOL oy vey

Yes, but I am not sure where it was that I found it, but that was the person that had posted the article somewhere This was what confused me, because I hadn't thought I had gotten it from How-to-do-things.

I did say that I was quoting Maria J advises thusly:

But, to avoid further problems, I will do as you have requested....

I can no longer find the article source I originally posted from.

Goodhart does quote a Maria J as the source. You should reply directly to his comment so he can be notified and respond.

I should have included the link back.....lesson learned...

Thank you for your prompt response and for removing the text in question. I appreciate it!

No problem, I was only trying to disseminate information, not upset anyone.

And thus...how not to do things. Don't worry, you have the greatest backing of outhouse lawyers and the youngest legal minds available to you free of charge.

It's a little ridiculous, if you ask me. I mean, Vanessa should go to YahooAnswers if she's worried about people quoting large chunks of text like that - and forget finding a user on there who quotes sources. It's not like you claimed the material was your own. I think your quoting it fell under fair usage.

Well, if anyone wants to know what it said and didn't see it when I had it up they can go to the link now, and if they are not interested, the one line quote will not bring any more traffic *shrug*

One Maria J advises thusly:

I do my hair myself! Here are some tips! (pun intended)

SOURCE of quote