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Cutting PVC Pipe Lengthwise? Answered

Are there any suggestions for safely cutting PVC pipe lengthwise if you don't have access to electric saws?



Best Answer 1 year ago

I have seen some pretty impressive and seemingly safe jigs made on youtube, but they were all for use with power tools.

If you could some how very securely prevent the pipe from rolling away from you, and making a vertical track jig for your saw, I think it could work.

It's also possible to use nylon string to saw through PVC. If you could make a good secure brace for the pipe, you may be able to cut it that way.

Sam Groveaudreyobscura

Answer 1 year ago

I have made this cut by clamping PVC between two boards (thicker than the PVC diameter) on top of another board. I did not cut all the way through the PVC.