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Cutting acrylic sheets Answered

I am trying to cut some pieces of acrylic sheeting about 3/16th inches thick.  I was wondering if the instructables on the laser cutter built from 2 old scanners would work for cutting the acrylic sheets?

Or if not that, what might work for making acrylic parts that are flush enough to chemical bond making a water tight connection?

Thank you, Eron.


Stick with the circular saw, unless you can drop several hundred on a CO2 laser and PSU.

Even if the acrylic is 1/16th inch, it will still require a CO2 laser? does anyone think the dremel version would work? i have one of those lying around somewhere.

You can make CNC router with a dremel - it would be better than a laser in some ways.

Well i was hoping to make a little DIY laser cutter from old scanners, partly for fun, and my hopes were, partly for ease of cutting various types of material, but through the little bit of research both on this site and others, various types of material need very different types of wavelengths and wattage.

Would anyone know where i could read up more in-depth on different types of lasers and its possible applications for various materials, with an emphasis on DIY that may possibly be in one location?

Thank you again, and sorry for the specifics. Eron.

Use a table saw, they leave a nice edge. If you want it better scrape it with a flat bladed knife like a craft knife or stanley knife blade.

If you want to laser cut it you'll need a 40W or above laser cutter for that thickness.