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Cutting round wood. How do I square round wood for ripping into boards? Answered

I want to cut small logs into boards.



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But to answer the question you asked, you need a 2x4 or 2x6 that is as long as your longest log. You are going to use that as guide for your cut. align the edge of the 2x6 with the edge of the log where you want to cut. Using long wood screws attach the 2x6 to the log so that you are using the edge of the 2x6 as a guide against the fence of your saw. You don't want to cut the 2x6 just use it as a guide between the saw and the fence with the edge of the log in line with the saw blade. Now make your cut and you have a flat surface. Rotate the log 90 deg. and move the 2 x 6 so that it is guiding the new cut and make the cut. Now you have a flat surface that the log will rest on and a flat surface that you can use to rip the log as you wish.

If you're using a table saw you're going to be limited by how much of the blade sticks above the table. If you've got a band saw you can probably cut a bigger log but you'll have to go slower.

The chain saw saw mills waste a lot of wood. Each time you cut you are removing 1/4" of wood and making a rough cut so you loose more wood smoothing it down. But the chainsaw method will let you cut up some much bigger logs.

Look at the third video down. http://www.hud-son.com/Boardmastervideo.htm
If you look on the local Craigs list you might find someone who has a portable bandsaw mill will come and help you cut it.

What is the biggest diameter log you are working with?

Then I would try with my bandsaw. Change the blade to the widest yours will take and a small number of teeth per inch carbide tooth blade. You need a way to get a flat straight cut first so that the successive cuts are parra. to the first cut.

Google "resaw". That's what you are essentially doing. THis image is a good description of what I'm getting at. You would need something like this so your cuts would be right. You just keep running your log thru this like a meat slicer. Stop before you see red.

Good luck.

I'd nominate this, together with Re-design's other post describing how to use an existing board to get the initial flat surface, as Best Answer.

try this link on for size to give you an idea of what can be done with just a chain saw. Note that there are more commercial-oriented solutions, but it shoudl get you going.

In a larger operation, you secure the log using a toothed grip, then translate it against a large band saw using a drive system.

We used an adapter for a chainsaw to rip logs...It's a very slow process and runs through chainsaw blade sharpness pretty quick. Worked well to rough cut.

Note that you an also rent a portable mill. It hooks to the tow point on your truck/auto like a trailer to get it home/to the work site.

Band saw of a suitable size. i would take it to your local saw mill & pay.