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Cutting with an Oxy/Mapp torch? Answered

Does anyone here know how to cut metal with an Oxy/Mapp torch? If so, how? Thanks in advance


seems like you ought to be able, considering the working temps. With acetylene The Process is that you get a neutral flame, heat the metal to yellow or white hot, activate your cutting stream (lever that puts out a blast of extra o2) and cut your metal. The metal is actually burning away with the o2, and in a perfect world, O2 could take care of the whole deal once the reaction starts. In this world the heat from the acetylene/ MAPP is needed to maintain the reaction (oxidation). Keep the tip of the blue cone just in front of the surface to achieve the desired temp. Move at a slow pace or you will outrun your heat.

I mostly use a oxy/map torch for welding, but for cutting you ignite the mapp gas and then turn the oxygen until you get a small blue flame about 5/16in. long.Differnt metals have a lower melting points and the thickness of the metal may also affect how long the blue flame should be so just adjust the oxygen until the metal begins to melt. It is important not to cut the metal on a flat surface because the melted metal will not fall away from the cut. It is also important not to cut under where the metal is falling ,because the melted metal could find its way into the tip of the torch, or rupture the gas line.

Do you have a cutting head? Most gas cutting is done by heating the metal to red+ hot then using a stream of oxygen to make the metal burn in a narrow area-the metal does burn, you can turn off the other gas (classic show-off move) and keep going. It takes some skill to find the right speed-too fast cools off the cut and stops, too slow and the cut stops for lack of fuel, not enough oxygen won't clear the slag out of the cut, too much oxygen cools off the cut and wastes gas...

. The same as with an oxy/acetylene rig. It just goes a little slower.