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Cvv providing to paypay account safe? Answered

When creating PayPal account,we need to provide all information about credit card. Example Card and cvv number. In this regard I want to know how safe it is to give all this information. Thank u



9 days ago

I've had paypal for over 10 years now - hundreds if not in the thousands of transactions - not 1 issue. Does that mean they can't be hacked? no - but they must follow strict standards required by the credit card companies when it comes to storage of your information. keep in mind when you pay by paypal - paypal pays the charge, and charges your card so the merchant never sees your credit card information. Just remember - NEVER EVER click on a link in an email that says click here to fix something - as there are many fraud emails sent out that say something like your paypal is on hold or there is a receipt for something you didn't order - then it say Click here to verify your purchase DONT DO IT - open a new window - log into paypal directly. because when you click the link and then log into paypal - you just gave your login id and password away - and then you will get fraud charges on your credit card


10 days ago

Not safe at all, data can be intercepted, stolen or otherwise misused.
Pay your fuel or coffee with a card and you never know what happens, same or worse for rental cars.
Paypal came from ebay and is considered to be a money organisation similar to a bank.
Don't know about your safety desires but start by reading Paypals terms and conditions.
Privacy is non existing with online shopping, Google and smart helpers in your home, so why worry about the credit card? ;)