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Cya l8r ppl Answered

Hey guys.

I just wanted to put a quick message out to all of you.

I am leaving.

To be honest I havn't been able to build anything major since the I bow, also my priorities have changed, it is getting to the buisiness end of the school year here so free time is at a premium. I also have my new guitar, facebook, youtube and modern warfare 2 all fighting for my attention.

I will be leaving the site and knex for the forseeable future effective immediately (not like mota boi and KGB who just hung around)

My facebook is private so don't try to find it. If you must contact me, send a message on youtube. If you want to get your ass handed to you on MW2 my psn is tehlogicboy.

Well thats all for now.



*sigh* too many people feeling butthurt about their guns not being praised as much as they were hoping. I get to my K'nex like maybe once every two weeks with all my other stuff getting in the way and I still hang around. I don't even have many pieces. It's not that hard to squeeze in a little extra time especially if you're already wasting some of it on facebook (ugh).

Same here. I don't K'Nex half as much as I used to(and on top of that, I really don't have time to make some decent instructions for anything) but I'm still here. It's not like just because you can't build every single day you should leave.

Have you even made anything new? We're lacking innovators as more people are leaving so it'd be great if you actually got back into K'nexing.

Well I never 'left' ;-)

And yes I have, but i simply don't have any time to post them. This week and most weeks after this one i'm mobbed with marching band. I'll try to at least post a few things on some of my latest inventions though. We'll see...

Marching band is tons of fun, I don't mind the time commitment one bit.

I'm on a debate team at school so I'd also have to commit time for tournaments and stuff.

Opponents? You mean victims? I know what it's like to argue with DJ... it's like mental suicide.

Something tells me marching band has a bigger time commitment.(considering I have 7 hours a week of just practice, not counting Friday night games, and saturday stuff)

I only have about 1 hour a day, and the tournaments aren't weekly, but they do last all weekend.

I made a type-o actually, i have 9 hours of practice a week(two 3 hour, 1 2 hour, and 1 1 hour).and besides sunday, my weekends a usually just crammed with Band stuff....

I usually have some free time (a couple hours or more) every day, so I have the time. You're very right, however.

Yeah. If I have a good idea or find a good gun I'll use them, but mostly I'm just hanging around on the site for a little bit each day.

Yeah. A lot of people do that. If everyone did that, then most would only be around six months on the site. I get around to my knex maybe twice a month, but I keep on building until I finish.


8 years ago

:-/ this is not cool...

k i will miss your good knex guns bye. what is your youtube acount?

Hello! Welcome to the site. If you need any help finding you way around, or help on writing some instructables. Just ask.

So much attentionwhoring lately.


8 years ago

bye... hmmm

I guess that's logical. Look forward to some guitar ibles from you.

Don't let the door hit ya on the way out. ;)

Hey, that's my line. It's like Forrest Gump just stopped running.