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Cyclist Rides Around the World in 195 Days Answered

In 195 days and six hours, Mark Beaumont rode around the world on a bicycle, totally destroying the previous record of 276 days.

Some data:

- He ate 6,000 calories a day. Since he's a vegetarian, most of that was plant-based, but he did eat some meat to keep his energy up.
- His bike was worth almost $5,000
- He carried 176 pounds of gear, including a tent and a video camera to keep fans updated
- He had gear stolen once by crack addicts in a motel
- He hopes to have raised 18,000 pounds for charity.
- Scariest bit was riding in Istanbul, a city of 15 million.
- He rode through 20 countries
- Was knocked off his bike once by a driver who ran a red light.


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10 years ago

Wow! I emailed the link to my dad (he cycles). Nice find.