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DAM Answered

My final product! It's pretty DAM awesome! Directional, Attack, Mine aka DAM! Looking forward to making a video and instructable soon! Be on the lookout for my DAM K'nex mine! Just a few stats... Uses 30 size 64 rubber bands to shoot 50 pieces up to 100ft at the slightest pull of the trip! I really had a lot of fun with this build I hope everyone that gives it a try will too! Big thanks to JonnyBGood for inspiring the design of the stand. I was able to use his idea and turn it into this great stand with 5 adjustable angles for different angles of attack depending on range of intended target and ground terrain or angles. All around this is an incredibly fun weapon to add to the arsenal.


30 #64 bands?! That's insane. This could really injure someone. Looks really cool BTW.

Thank you! In tests the mine left K'nex shaped bruises on my legs lol nothing crazy but powerful enough to know your hit lol I have a video planned along with a detailed ible coming soon it's a really fun build if you get the chance.

Ouch, you test fired it at your leg? I want to see those videos you posted. I really want to learn how the trigger mechansim works.

Instructables posted new video and how to load/band the DAM coming soon.

Instructables posted new video and how to load/band the DAM coming soon.

so does anyone know how to rotate pictures on this site? They are fine on my camera but uploaded all different ways.

In the editor there is an "edit/rotate photo" option. You have to run the mouse over the photo to get the option to pop up.

oh, so you've been able to pull off an adjustable stand? Sweet!