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DC Motor Suppliers? Answered

Great course! My son asked me to build a "KickBall" pitching machine. This application requires DC motors less powerful than your average golf cart motors.I have calculated/approximated the torque requirements for the wheels to expel the kickball from the wheel-ball nip. I want to have direct drive to the wheels to keep weight and mechanical components to a minimum. I have been searching the internet for 12-24 DCV, ~1/4-1/2 HP, ~3000-5000 motors to the drive wheels without much success. Would appreciate any motor suppliers/sites you might recommend. Thanks.



8 months ago

I would suggest a small 150-300W scooter motor like those found on Electric Razer scooters. Better still, the market was flooded with these a few years ago and you can find them very cheap or usually free (because their batteries are dead") on the curb or craigslist.

You'll also get a crappy chinese speed control or relay board with the package.


10 months ago

All of the pitching machines I have seen run an AC cord to a line voltage AC induction 2 pole fractional HP motor..


Answer 10 months ago

Yes, but I want to go DC with battery packs to have more ease of use.


11 months ago

Have you tried a wheelchair motor? It has the voltage and power requirements. They also tend to come with wheels attached, which may be useful. I imagine at their current speed and torque, they should probably wor as is.

However if it is too slow on account of the pre-attached gearbox, I would imagine that if you remove the motor itself from the gearbox assembly, it will give you some really high speeds.