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DC --> AC Inverter Question Answered

I just bought a 12vDC to 115AC power inverter. But it will shutoff when the voltage drops below 10v :/ Can I disable this? It's annoying as I'm running it outside of a car so I cant just start an engine to charge the thing.


Umm.... If you have a crappy battery/charging system then FIX it! You might damage other components As for the inverter, i can't really help you

But have you wondered why it shuts off at 10 volts ? it's not just to protect the lead acid battery from a deep discharge that your battery may not recover from, it also serves to protect the inverter, as the voltage drop the current increases and so does the heat, and you may end up damaging the inverter... (( On mine I did remove the annoying beeper but not the shut down and all you need to do that is a screwdriver to poen it and wire cutter to trim off the speaker ))

ok thanks :)

. Try searching for
  <your inverter model> +schematic

there should be some way whether you can do it depends on the circuit inside