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DC motors & stepper motors Answered

I have 13 stepper motors and 10 dc motors for sell. I just have way too many laying around. I would like to sell them all for 40 dollars shipped using paypal. I'm hopping to sell them to help fund my CNC project. I also might be adding more motor as I find them.


How fast (rpm) are the larger stepper motors?



how much would you sell the other 2 large stepper motors for?



Bump I still have them all if any one is interested. Name your price. Thanks

2 of the largest stepper motors are sold. So now I have for sell 11 stepper motors and 11 DC motors. For a total of 22 motors for sell.

I found another DC motor so now its up to 11 DC motors.

The largest DC motor I have is 3 inchs long about 1 3/4 inch from side to side. It is made to run on 12-24 volts. I do not have a way to measure torque. I also can not find a data sheet for it any more. I do know that with the little drive gear that is on it I can not stop it form spinning at 12 volts.

Yeah, I don't think that's large enough for what I need it for.

What are the dimensions on your largest DC motor? What kind of torque can it produce, and what kind of current does it need?