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D&D how to play? would some one make an ible on how to play the origanal D&d (dungions and daragons) Answered

I play the online versionof the game but it crashed and now i cant play but i heard the is a D&d bourdgame rpg thingie so could some one make one or tell me a instructable that does show ypu how


The brief version of how to play D&D is: Decide who you are, let the dungeonmaster tell you what you see, tell him what you want to do about it, let him tell you what happens, repeat. Played properly, all the dice and rules and so on are just there to add a bit of structure and surprise to what is really a joint improvisational storytelling/acting game.

The actual rules can be incredibly complex, and learning to operate them takes time and patience and experience. But luckily, most of that load falls on the dungeonmaster. Players only have to learn about the world from their own character's point of view; the DM needs to understand it all (and keep track of a lot of it that the players never see).

If you have a gamemaster who knows what they're doing, they can teach you everything you need to know in order to get started.

If you don't, I HIGHLY recommend that you start by finding and joining an established game so you can see how it's done before you start trying to do it yourself.

I'm sure websearch will find articles describing the game's process in more detail... but I agree with Kiteman that doing it in any level of detail is too big for Instructables, and would almost certainly run into copyright issues.

thanks my girlfriend play d&D and so now we play together

D&D is too big a game to fit into an instructable.

The boardgame thingie you are thinking of is probably DungeonQuest - players moving characters through a randomly-generated tile dungeon to hack monsters and find treasure. A lot of fun, but not exactly roleplaying.

I don't think it's published any more, but it sometimes crops up on ebay.


If you want a fun, quick-set-up, high-body-count game, try Paranoia (I recommend the 2nd Edition rules, pre-Crash scenarios).

Some D&D starter kits did come with a board and player/monster tokens as well as some sample adventures and ready-made character sheets. They were to help new Dungeonmasters and players better visualize the world.

I know (I think I still have some in a box in the garage, from games at uni, a quarter-century ago...), but the author was asking about the board game.

Yes, but could the author be referring to the D&D board game and not Dungeonquest? Havenloft or something?

It's possible he's talking about the D&D MMORPG and is now curious about Havenloft which was a board game based on D&D.

The "boardgame thingy" has little or nothing to do with actual D&D. That's probably true of the online version as well.

Normally, you'd buy (or borrow) the books that described the rules. There's no board, but someone in the gaming group would need at least a starter set of books for it to work out.

http://www.wizards.com/dnd/ has a store locator, it seems. Looks like they're stocked at most comic/hobby shops, and some Target-like stores, too.