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DECEMINATE - SF Craft Fair Answered

Hawk your Holiday wares at Langton Lab's Deceminate! Do it fast, because deadline for reserving a space is Dec. 10th. Find info on their blog and on facebook.

To get your name on the flier, contact them today!

Confirmed sellers include -
Callibug Designs - Clothing - Callibugdesigns.com
Dina Pinza - Jewelry - Dinapinza.etsy.com
Feisty Elle - Accessories - FeistyElle.com
Interplanetary Craft - Jewelry - Interplanetarycraft.com
Orange - Hoola-hoops
Riv - Jewelry - purpleshiny.etsy.com
Sarakali - Accessories
Sasen - Truffles
SeamstressErin - Clothing and Accessories -seamstresserin.etsy.com
Sudhu Tewari - Objects d'Art - sudhutewari.com

Even if you're just looking for gifts to round out your holiday shopping, make sure to stop by:

Sunday, December 14, 2008, 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Langton Labs (SOMA), 9 Langton St., San Francisco


awww, i'm never in SF when the cool stuffs happen...

In the city, of Santa Monica.... California takes care of the homeless...


9 years ago

San......Fran.......CISCO!!! -_-

Looks like it's going to be fun. If you miss the deadline to sell stuff, you should still come! I found a pic of one of the exhibitors, too...