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I love baseball.  I want to watch the World Series on TV, but I don't want to listen to the TV announcers.  I want to listen to the radio broadcast instead.*  Problem is, the "live" TV arrives 1-2 seconds after the radio.  Which means I hear about the deep flyball to left before I see it. And that takes the fun out of watching the game.

So, I'm wondering if I can add an adjustable delay to the sound from my radio, to sync up with the picture.  I can sacrifice a boom box or other radio for this if nec. Or some other solution? (I can record both and sync 'em up later using video editing software, but that's not practical).

* for baseball fans:  it's the choice between the Buck/McCarver team (perfectly boring & perfectly obnoxious) and Jon Miller/Joe Morgan radio team (passionate and fun).


That's recording/editing software, how (specifically) would you mute the incoming audio and output the delayed track?


. You don't have to listen to the input or record the output. You can send the output to the speakers after running it through a delay.

On my machine the audio channel-in goes out the sound sockets.
How do you hijack the signal, delay it then feed it to line-out?


. Play Control (double-click in the speaker icon in the bottom right of your Win desktop) and Audacity's controls should do it.

If I mute e.g. line-in it's muted for output and Audacity. Hmm I might play with it at some point.


. Trimming the beginning/end of sound files is about all I've done with Audacity lately. I once setup a string of effects (to clean up some LP rips I did) that sent the effect output to the speakers and/or a file, but don't remember exactly how I did it. Don't remember having any problems accomplishing it (other than locating the proper filters), but my memory's not what it used to be.
. If it's that important, I'll see if I can duplicate what I did with the effects and you should be able to swap "delay" for "effects." But I'm guessing that if I could figure it out, you will be able to. ;)

If either of us can we should publish it.


Here is a $10 software solution. It allows you to set the delay time so you can sink it up tot he game you're watching. There are also hardware solutions, but they tend to be much more expensive.