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DESPERATE DAMSEL! Need some LEDs assistance... Answered

Well, okay... I'm not really desperate but I am in (slight) distress-- needing someone to storm the castle of knowledge to save me from pounding my head against the walls of google-search any longer.

Looking for some specific LED information. I have looked through several LED-throw-y Instructables but so far I haven't found the information I need. I am mostly electronics-retarded and so if anyone can give me the correct info I would sincerely appreciate the assistance. I just need to know the batteries/battery power/models needed to power smaller than 10mm LEDs. My project involves a very small space-- 1.8mm-3mm-5mm sized LEDs would probably be best-- I would need to know the kind of batteries I would need (least bulky and least number of batteries I could utilize for each size 1.8mm-3mm-5mm) and how many I would need for each single LED to operate effectively.

Also-- is there any real concern of a fire hazard with such LEDs housed in an acrylic/urethane and resin container or would the output of the LED be such that I wouldn't have to have concerns of fire (or melting in the case or urethane/acrylic/resin) ? (Sorry if this question seems dumb, but again I stress how electronics-retarded I really am lol). Furthermore, if the LEDs had vellum or translucent paper covering them to diffuse the light-- would this additionally create any fire-hazard? The housing will probably vary between 14mm-20mm  for the LED with the batteries able to sit outside the LED-housing.

I appreciate any assistance in getting the information I need and offer many thanks in advance for any helpful replies!

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Dont worry about anything catching fire with an LED or little battery. Chances of that are almost ZERO.  When you build your led circuit... i suggest using wires that are fairly THIN and STRANDED not SOLID WIRES.  This , a new-b might not know... and it took me many a times of wiring things with wire TOO THICK... causes difficulty in construction.  Use THIN wires and stranded wires if possible.

 okay mylady it would be a size #10 hearing aid battery


8 years ago

Try this website to start.  It will calculate the resistor to need for proper current limiting, and will also provide a nice schematic or wiring diagram.  Handy!

You will need to know the current and voltage requirements of your LEDs.  If the place you bought them from doesn't have those details, then let us know what colours they are and we should be able to guess.  With that info, you can plug the numbers into that website to find out what you need to know.

You can run the LEDs from almost any set of batteries, as long as the voltage is adequate.  Generally you'll need at least 2 AA batteries for any LED array, but if you're running 10 or more then 4AAs would be better.

Lastly, LEDs of that size will not generate enough heat to ignite anything.  You are safe to encase them in whatever material you like.

The size of the LED is not important. The voltage and current are what is important to keep in mind. You can make a "throwie" using the 3V battery (CR2032) used in that Instructable without a resistor to power almost any basic LED (3mm 5mm 10mm). It just won't last as long as an LED with the proper resistor attached.

Although, batteries are typically pretty large... it would help more to know what you are actually trying to do.