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Dishwasher discharges water used in each separate cycle through overflow pipe on sink and not through disposal into drain pipe. The dish-washing cycle is normal. How can I fix this so used dishwasher water leaves dishwasher via water drain rather than through overflow located on top of sink?



8 years ago

On my dishwasher there is an upside down Y joint under the sink...up under the overflow. Think of the upside down Y as a body on two legs. OK... One leg comes from the dishwasher. One leg goes to the disposal. The body goes straight up to the overflow. IF the leg to the disposal, or any part of that line is partly or totally blocked, the only place for the water to go is out the overflow. If you have translucent tubing, you may be able to see a blockage.

Many thanks for your advice. Found a blockage of pumpkin seeds (the jack o'lantern is really great!) in that pipe and fixed the problem. In fact, due to my stupidity, the problem was probably fixed earlier in the repair process than I realized. I neglected to replace the valve and cap on the overflow pipe at the top of the sink and without that on there, the water will always gush through that opening in the system. Thanks again for your courtesy!