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DIY 130-megapixel camera built with a scanner Answered

Add an old flatbed scanner to a 50 mm lens and with some skill you can make a 130 megapixel camera of your very own. I'm still happy with the cameras I have, but this looks like a great project to take on.

Making a 130-megapixel camera from a flatbed scanner and an old camera lens


Does anyone know if there are instructions out there for this? For mercy, someone tell me how to make this. I have an old scanner that is just aching to become a bad ass camera/

How the F*ck ?? no really: how do you manage to build that ?

130 megapixels sounds impressive now, but by next fall it'll be standard in every cell phone.

130 megapixel?!? That is insane!

That's so awesome. No lenses though.

" I do think that the excellence of this camera can only sow the tongue." Yes, that clears everything up.

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

i often thought about getting an old 2 megapixel camera and trying to insert it into the body of an old film SLR and seeing if I could get some action out of it using a other lenses such as fish-eye or wide angle.



9 years ago

I saw this on Hack-A-Day, it's amazing work!

That is pretty nice. I wonder if it has to be a 50mm. I'd like to try to retrofit an antique film camera to digital. Gotta go read the link...

130megapixleswow Gee whiz! Thats pretty cool.