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DIY 3d printer ideas Answered

In every "diy 3d printer" page i've seen, the XYZ axi are controlled by servos. What i don't have in my garage are servos, but i do have a mass of actuators. Would it be acceptable to use actuators to controll XYZ? I see no problem with it but if you readers do please comment below and possibly add a resonable solution to go with it. Thank you :)


I think 3D printers are controlled more by stepper motors and not servos. It is the incremental movement that can be controlled which makes it suitable for moving the printhead accurately. Servos and actuators give a limited range of motion so if you got them geared up in a way to translate that into continuous movement -ratcheting worm gears?, it could work, maybe more complicated in controlling the movement.

Thank you caitlinsdad. In your opinion would it be easier/less expensive to get stepper motors or find a way to gear the actuators?

Ha, I think you need a 3D printer to make the parts unless you have access to a machine shop. I guess if you are looking to make your own 3D printer from scratch, I would check out the resources for the open-source Makerbot I and Reprap. They were originally developed from gutted drive mechanisms from ink-jet printers/plotters and they have the driver source code to use. Good luck.