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DIY Altimeter for small Rc planes Answered

you can buy altimeters for your Rc planes but their $50+ and i want to know if theres any way i can make an altimeter made from stuff available at radioshack theses planes are light 10-20oz with a 20-40 inch wing span. So i need to know if it is possible to make a small light one for cheep. And if i can then if some body could show me a diagram of how that would be great.
Thanks for the help.
i just need it to record the maximum altitude reached


well that's be nice to have, i got a plane with a bomb drop and i could find out how high i dropped things =D

Radio Shack won't have the stuff you need. Are you trying to log altitude and download it to a computer or have it do something mid air based on altitude?

i want to look at maximum altitude reached. im not sure how i will retrieve the data, ether small LCD screen, some sort of flashing led pattern, or a usb hook up to computer. it depends on witch would be the smallest and simplest and witch i could actually build for cheaper than just buying an altimeter.

freescale has analog pressure sensors, you can sample them for free. then you can get either some circuit that stores the charge for you to measure with a voltmeter or use a microcontroller to take in the highest recorded altitude and display it with LEDs as a binary number.