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DIY Book Cover Answered

Hi everyone, I'm working on a project- making a DIY book cover. I've figured out how to assemble the book already but the cover baffles me. How can I deboss the cover with foil so that the lettering(title) will be on the cloth cover? I was thinking about using black book cloth, or leatherette, but I just don't know how to depress the lettering of the title onto the front cover or the spine itself. Any ideas? Thanks!


The way I am most familiar with uses gold leaf adhesive, which remains tacky when dry. Then the craft foil is burnished over the adhesive and the sheet is then pulled away. The foil sticks to the adhesive in whatever shape the glue was stamped or painted on.

There is also a powdered adhesive that is heated to make it sticky, then the foil is applied. This method allows for finer detail, at least for what we can accomplish without commercial machinery. A rubber stamp is used with a glycerin-based clear ink to stamp the image. Then the dry powder is applied, which sticks to the wet ink. The excess is shaken or blown off. The powder is heated and it turns into a sticky surface, for the foil to be applied to. You can use a crafter's heat gun (slow-moving air about 300F), a candle, lighter, etc.


Thanks Kiteman and Goodhart. You're suggestions are awesome! I was looking into gold leaf ages ago, but I wondered about how to actually depress the title of the book in.

I guess my next best guess would be to print out the title on really rigid cardstock, cut out the letters and make a stencil out of it. And then use an embossing tool trace the title on to the surface and then treat after with gold leaf.

That sounds about right, doesn't it?

Thanks so much for the link. Do you by chance have a lead on hot foil stamping tools? I've looked for home use ones but to no avail.

*** I just realized that if I could find large ornamental letter press letters then I could use them to depress the title into the cover and then treat the surface with gold leaf.

If you have anymore suggestions feel free to send them on my way.

Thanks! :)

Could you lay a thin layer of your (leather or cloth) down, and take a second layer with the embossing are cut out, laying some foil in between the two layers, and then glue/fastening them together?

I think that, if you're using proper gold leaf, the simple act of pressing it onto the leatherette will make it stick.

Otherwise, card makers and scrap-bookers seem to use something called hot foil stamping, which seems to use a foil with a mylar backing - heat makes the plastic melt and "glue" the foil to the surface.

Or there's a self-adhesive foil used by this crafter.

Maybe not exactly what you want, but it's a start.