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DIY Bookmark with Finger/pointer Answered

So I have found a bookmark in the internet which is pretty cool . I could buy one but I want to make one for someone which is becoming a special someone to me, and I thought of this idea would be really great if I give it to her as a gift or one of the Valentine's Gift ill give. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make a rubber-like one but i thought just making of a simple typical bookmark but with a scroll-able finger  pointer which might not damage the pages of her precious books/novels  she always read

 Im still thinking on if it would be back to back so that if the pointer cant point , it can be turned and point some part of the book.

The black would be the bookmark itself with the message and the image (my Profile pic) of the Pendant she gave to me
Red is the pointer it self, it can be pulled back and forth to pinpoint the word/sentence, also can be pulled up and down with the Green opening as the opening, and the Yellow as the lock so the pointer can't be pulled out.

 All opinions, suggestions and feedback are greatly appreciated :D


You don't need a special lock, the weight of the closed book will keep your pointer in place.

You can hand-draw, and hand-cut, a bookmark from light card (see my sketch):


Thanks Kiteman, but what could stop the arrow to be pulled out? or maybe it has no lock for putting it in and out and there is also some other "hands/arrows" that can be replaced? Appreciate it very much :D

aaight, thickening the pointer strips would do, thank again