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DIY Buddha Machine / loop player / audio file player Answered

I've been thinking a lot about FM3's Buddha Machine www.fm3buddhamachine.com/. Here's the short description from Wikipedia: The Buddha Machine is a small musical loop player. ... It continuously plays one of 9 ambient sound loops that range in length from 5 to 40 seconds.

This seems like a relatively simple device, so wanted to see if anyone in the community had ideas about how to DIY one of these. I really only want it to play a single loop, but I'd like it to be a long loop. Project comprises an enclosure, battery power, speaker, and a way to hold and play the audio file. Thought of modding a digital recorder like you would use to take notes, but this seems really expensive. It's very important that this be as low cost as possible.

I'm very good at building things, but conceptually I don't really know what's out there as far as programmable components to hold and play the audio file. Does anyone have any ideas?


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Found this older post: https://www.instructables.com/id/%245-Disposable-Audio-Annoyance/

Which I think is the exact guts/functionality that I'm after. I'm not at all concerned about the enclosure, that's the kind of stuff I do well, it's just wiring the insides up that baffles me.

Seems the $5 mp3 player has been eaten by wolves, but sourcing some 1GB flash sticks that are mp3 players. Oh, research...

You could just find an old walkman or cassette player and then splice your own tape into a loop.

If you want digital, get one of those pocket-reminder voice things to rig up to play continuously.   If you have any knowledge of electronics, you could bash some of the voice recorder chips out there.  Good luck.