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DIY Car Carpet? Answered


I have a 2000 Toyota Echo with holes in the carpet I've done a fair amount of searching, but I can't find an aftermarket manufacturer that sells pre-molded carpets for this car.

Has anyone experience in replacing their car carpet with a custom carpet? How do you compensate for the lack of molding?




when i do my balck interior conversion I am just going to take my car to an interior shop and have my Carpet Custom made.
More than likely "jute" or Dynamat type product will be used but the
interior ppl know what there doin. It might be a little more pricey than
ebay but you get what you pay for. GL

You could get the carpet from a car wrecker, or go to someone who does car upholstery and get them to replace it or supply the carpet. House carpet is quite different to car carpet, its thinner an bends and stretches to go around curves, far more easily than house carpet

In my humble knowledge, the options are: 1. buy a carpet from a Toyota Dealer, or 2. try to find out who is the supplier, and get in touch with him (Try to find a label on the carpet (?) or 3. buy a flat (good quality) carpet and prepare for cutting and gluing and a lot of work. Actually the car carpet is molded in a hot press to get the form of the inner body of the car, which is practically impossible to replicate in DIY (you can search in youtube for "how to do a carpet for a car")
Sorry, it was not great help, but my advise to you: if you want a durable, good quality carpet, buy a flat one (good one) and cut and glue. For this you would have to take the seats out.

Hey kd, why not try buying a remnant of carpet from a carpet shop which would be cheap . Then in UK we have people who stitch the edges for a reasonable charge . You could make the color you like and the size you like. may be you could make it a really thick carpet .i think these guys do edging .http://www.wholesalecarpets.co.uk/
Hope that helps and your car carpet looks fab. julian

I've installed new carpets in my 96 corolla, that were not factory molded, and I believe that it came out very nice using automotive spray adhesive, a razor blade, and two rolls of black automotive carpet from walmart.

.  I have seen 4 (maybe 5) attempts at DIY cutting/stitching car carpet - all were miserable failures. AFAIK, the only way to get it to look half decent is to start with shaped/formed/molded carpet panels. Not something DIYers are set up to do. :(
.  I've seen over a dozen jobs done with pre-formed carpet and they all looked good to great, depending on the installers abilities,

Thanks for the info.

I had a suspicion that this was the case. I will continue to try and find a molded carpet online or shell out the big bucks and get a custom job done.

Lots of online places for carpet or rubberized mats (search toyota echo floor mats or carpet). I guess you could do with getting a piece of outdoor carpet or some other generic auto floor mat cut to size but be sure they are anchored in place with a gripper back or fastener. Most people do not have a carpet edge binding machine at home. Bind with gorilla duct tape? Most are flat mats that are cut out for the wells or just drape to fit the contours.

Thanks, but I think you misunderstood me. With carpet, I mean the actual carpet, not the floor mats (which is what you seem to be referring to). For example the car carpet does not require any carpet edge binding.

Does anyone else have an idea what the best methods are to replace carpet in a car?